California Federal Housing & Veteran’s Services


California is a program created to help facilitate buyers and sellers in maximizing their FHA and VA benefits. U.S. FHA VA also assists home buyers in saving money throughout the buying, refinancing, selling, and mortgage process. Purchase real estate with 0-3.5% down and lower your interest rate on properties you already own! We provide executive services and pre-approval within 24 hours.

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As a real estate attorney for almost 30 years, I have worked with many real estate brokers, agents, and companies. US FHA VA is by far the best real estate company I have ever been associated with. They care deeply about their clients, are technically savvy on all real estate software, are familiar with all local community housing.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell.

Lori D.

I want to thank US FHA VA for the excellent service they have provided. I needed a good area for my kids to go to school. What I really appreciate is he does not forget about you after the sale. Months after the sale they called to let me know about a company with great interest rates due to interest rates dropping. They have been walking me through the process and they saved me over $150.00 a month.

Tom H.